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Car accidents occur in parking lots and garages, too

When thinking about car crashes, there is a tendency to focus on high-speed collisions. While many accidents occur at high speeds, there are also numerous other causes. For the most…

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Should you follow a hit-and-run driver?

If your vehicle gets struck by a hit-and-run driver, to say that it is frustrating is an understatement. Not only have they damaged your vehicle and potentially injured you, but…

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Safety tips for pedestrians at night

Walking or running around traffic is always dangerous. It gets even more dangerous at night, as visibility drops. Many accidents happen at these times, and pedestrians are in an exceptional…

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When hit-and-runs go unsolved, victims often pay

Drivers in Louisiana should carry car insurance, register their vehicles and follow traffic laws. Unfortunately, many people intentionally violate one or multiple rules related to the safe operation of motor…

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Did your car accident leave you with a traumatic brain injury?

Most people think of car accidents as simple inconveniences. It’s nothing more than a costly fender bender that can set you back a few hundred dollars and maybe a day…

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How long do I have to sue for hit-and-run in Louisiana?

Louisiana offers the best of both worlds: bustling city life for the metropolitan-oriented and lush countryside for the outdoor type. Unfortunately, these set-ups come with their share of hazards too.…

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