Grill brushes are a restaurant tool that could injure customers

Grill brushes are a restaurant tool that could injure customers

Grilled food has a flavor that no additives can really duplicate. That smoky taste of meat and veggies charred over an open flame can convince people to drive across town or even to another county to enjoy a meal at a specific restaurant. Prepping a grill at home is a lot of work, but enjoying a delicious grilled meal at a restaurant can be fast and fun for the whole family.

People going out to a restaurant generally expect a pleasant and safe dining experience. When consuming grilled foods, people often recognize that there is some degree of risk related to the consumption of undercooked meats. What they may not realize is that the grill itself and the tools used to clean it could put their health in danger as well.

Wire grill brushes are a serious health hazard

In midsummer, a physician went viral for sounding the alarm about the use of wire grill brushes to clean. These wire metal brushes are very efficient at removing carbonized food and sauce from a grill, which is a necessary step to get it clean between patrons or shifts at a restaurant. Unfortunately, those individual wire bristles can potentially snap off of the brush might end up stuck to the grill, which means that they could become embedded in food the next time the restaurant uses the grill. Ultimately, patrons could ingest those small wires, which could cause severe injury to their digestive tracts from the inside.

Those who have gone out for a meal at a restaurant that prides itself on grilled meats shouldn’t have to inspect their food with a magnifying glass for warning signs of non-food items that could sicken or injure them. However, that is essentially what would be necessary for people to spot those tiny bristles in a grilled barbecue chicken breast or on the edge of a steak.

The medical consequences of ingesting portions of a wire grill brush might include sepsis and internal bleeding. Those struggling with those medical issues and wondering how they can pay for hospital bills and replace wages lost while sickened by restaurant food may have grounds for a claim against the business.

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit could help those harmed by wire grill brush debris demand justice from a restaurant that has cut too many corners when it comes to cleaning or food preparation and has injured them by doing so.

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