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Contracts are designed to be legally binding agreements, but that doesn’t always mean the parties involved follow through on the contract terms. If someone you entered a legal contract with someone who isn’t fulfilling their portion of the agreement or if you believe there is something incorrect or fraudulent about a contract you signed, you need an experienced contract dispute attorney. When you’re in need of a Baton Rouge contract dispute attorney, turn to Dufour Law Firm.

A dispute over a contract can cause anxiety and worry in addition to uncertainty over potential financial burdens related to the legal agreement. Navigating Louisiana contract law is challenging for many, but Dufour Law Firm has the knowledge to defend your contract dispute case. The attorneys at Dufour Law Firm are passionate about making a difference. Trust them to help you minimize your stress if a contract you entered into has been breached.

Baton Rouge Contract Dispute Lawyer

Stop the Sale of a Vehicle That Was Wrongfully Repossessed

If you believe a vehicle you own was wrongfully repossessed, there are steps you can take to prevent the dealership or repossession agency from selling the vehicle. Filing a temporary restraining order, or TRO, against the organization that repossessed the vehicle could be an option for stopping the sale. This can give you more time to file a wrongful repossession claim against the repossession company or the lending organization.

Prevent the Sale of a Vehicle During a Divorce

Vehicles can be considered marital property in the state of Louisiana. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for one party in a marriage that is dissolving to attempt to sell a vehicle during a divorce. They might try to prevent their estranged spouse from benefiting financially from the vehicle sale or simply sell the vehicle out of spite.

Regardless of whether or not the names of both spouses in a marriage are on a title, both spouses are entitled to half the interest of the vehicle if it was purchased during the course of their marriage by law in Louisiana. Filing a TRO can be the solution to prevent the sale of a vehicle that was acquired during a marriage before the divorce is finalized.

Whether your vehicle was wrongfully repossessed or you want to prevent your estranged spouse from selling a vehicle before a judge rules on your divorce case, Dufour Law Firm can help you understand your options for filing a TRO that prevents the sale of the vehicle.

Understanding Your Options in a Business Dispute

In Louisiana, an injunction is a mandate made by a court that prohibits a party from committing a certain act. Injunctions can be permanent or temporary and are issued by the court when a certain act by one party could cause irreparable injury, loss, or damage to the party who filed the injunction.

If you have a business dispute and want to prevent a business partner, customer, or organization from doing something that would cause you harm, Dufour Law Firm has the knowledge to provide a legal strategy for filing an injunction.

Whether a business partner is failing to meet the terms of your working agreement or someone is intentionally spreading misinformation in order to harm your business, our lawyers can help you understand your options for filing an injunction.

What to Do When Contracts Are Breached

It’s an unfortunate reality that businesses do not always operate in an ethical manner. For example, a building contractor might have agreed to certain terms for completing a construction job but didn’t follow through and still demands payment. Another example would be an insurance company being unwilling to provide compensation to the insured party in opposition to the terms of the insurance policy.

Both cases outlined above can be considered contract breaches. Dufour Law Firm has the skills to defend your rights in a dispute over a breach of contract and help you navigate the legal system in Louisiana.


Q: How Do I Dispute a Contract?

A: To dispute a contract in Baton Rouge, LA, you must be able to prove that the contract was flawed, fraudulent, illegal, or breached in some way that caused you harm or loss. It’s helpful to work with an experienced contract dispute attorney who can review the terms of your legal agreement and determine an appropriate course of action for your case.

Q: What Is an Example of a Contract Dispute?

A: An example of a contract dispute could be a mentally incapable adult entering a contract with a third party. If the person who is appointed as the legal conservator of the mentally incompetent adult files a suit with the courts to nullify the contract, that would be considered a contract dispute. Because the mentally incapable adult did not have the ability to understand the terms of the contract, the court could rule to void the contract.

Q: What Is a Business Contract Dispute?

A: A business contract dispute is a dispute over how the terms of a business agreement are carried out. An example of a business contract dispute could be if an employee who signed a non-disclosure agreement exposed business information that was to be kept confidential. If you’re involved in a business contract dispute in Louisiana, Dufour Law Firm can provide representation as a contract dispute lawyer.

Q: What Are the Three Options to Resolve a Contract Dispute?

A: The three options to resolve a contract dispute are mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Mediation can resolve contract disputes by both parties negotiating with help from a neutral third party. In arbitration, a third party makes a decision about the resolution of a dispute after hearing both sides from the parties involved. Resolving a contract dispute through litigation is the process of going to court, where a judge rules on the resolution of the dispute.

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Contract disputes can be complicated and mentally exhausting. At Dufour Law Firm, we can provide legal guidance for your contract dispute case and work to alleviate the complications and confusion as much as possible. Contact us today to request a no-cost consultation. Let our attorneys help you put your contract dispute behind you.

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