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When hit-and-runs go unsolved, victims often pay

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers in Louisiana should carry car insurance, register their vehicles and follow traffic laws. Unfortunately, many people intentionally violate one or multiple rules related to the safe operation of motor vehicles on Louisiana roads. When people break the law, car crashes frequently result. Those who cause crashes typically have liability for any property damage or injuries they cause. 

Sometimes, lawbreaking by a driver continues after the crash. Despite state law mandating that someone stop after a collision, some people will flee the scene of a wreck. They won’t check on the other person or notify local authorities at all. Instead, they leave in hope of avoiding responsibility. 

What happens to you after a hit-and-run crash? 

You are dependent on the state investigation

Police officers will take a report related to a hit-and-run wreck, and they will look into sources of evidence, like nearby traffic cameras. If you hope to hold the driver that hit you responsible by filing an insurance claim or taking them to court, you will first need to identify them. 

If the police can track down the person who caused the crash, you may have grounds to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit. If they don’t find that driver, the only real protection you have will come from your own insurance policy. People who carry uninsured motorist protection can rely on their own policy to cover the cost of a crash. Otherwise, a driver may end up paying out of pocket following a hit-and-run collision. 

Understanding the rules that apply after Louisiana car wrecks will help you pay your costs after a crash, and legal guidance can make it easier to get what you’re fairly due.