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Dedicated To Your Best Interests

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Build A Brighter Future After A Devastating Motor Vehicle Accident

Nothing prepares you for the life-altering impact of a motor vehicle accident. Your entire life may shift in the course of a second. One moment, you had routine, stability, dreams, a vision for the future; the next, all of that has shifted. And now you’re left with a mountain of bills, deep uncertainties about the future and a tangled mess of legal headaches.

At Dufour Law Firm in Baton Rouge, we understand what you’re going through, and we’re sorry you’re in this situation. We want to help. Our legal team can help you untangle the legal personal injury issues, fight for the compensation you deserve and pursue the financial security you need to start building a brighter future.

Work With An Attorney Who Understands The Intricacies Of These Cases

Motor vehicle accident cases can be complex, especially when there are multiple parties and insurance companies to deal with. Our team can handle the headaches so you can focus on moving forward.

You can entrust us with your case, whether it involves:

  • Car accidents including rear-end collisions, rollovers and multicar pileups
  • Truck accidents involving 18-wheelers or commercial vehicles
  • Driver negligence such as distracted driving, drunk/intoxicated driving, hit-and-runs and speeding-related accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents including victims who are children or elderly
  • Bicycle accidents on the road, sidewalk or elsewhere
  • Fatal accidents that give rise to wrongful death claims

Our lawyer and legal team will work closely with you, ensuring that you understand your options and have the tools to make informed decisions.

Don’t Wait To Get The Legal Help You Need

Start building the foundation for a brighter future today. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call 225-900-7554 or reach out online. We are located in Baton Rouge and help people anywhere in the five surrounding parishes.