Why do people “hit-and-run?”

Why do people “hit-and-run?”

Many people are involved in auto accidents every day. Many of the victims of car crashes know who caused the accident and have easier times filing accident claims because of it. Other drivers, however, may have more difficulty knowing who caused their injuries, much like yourself.

Why do people leave the scene of a vehicle collision? There might actually be some psychology behind it. Here’s what you should know:

No license, registration or insurance

When people experience hit-and-runs, they may find themselves perturbed by the events and why someone would flee the scene of the accident. One of the many reasons someone would leave an accident is because they don’t own a license, registration or insurance and fear the legal repercussions – even if the laws prevent them from driving without them.

Fight or flight mode

Many drivers who are in a car crash are filled with adrenaline after a collision, causing them to enter either fight or flight mode. While the former – fight – may cause a driver to argue over who caused an accident, the latter – flight – may cause someone to drive away in fear. This is a psychological trick that has allowed humans to live so long – but may cause legal problems.

Rushing or emergencies

Some people don’t have the time to stop after a car accident. If an accident was minor enough and the other driver was rushing somewhere or already seeking medical attention, their previous issues may trump current events.

No matter what the case is, hit-and-run accidents can be dangerous and make it harder to file an insurance claim. You may need to explore your legal options when seeking compensation after being victimized in a hit-and-run.

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