How car accidents can cause amputations

How car accidents can cause amputations

People involved in car accidents usually experience various injuries ranging from minor to major injuries and trauma. Unfortunately, some severe injuries can result in the loss of a limb. Although this rarely happens, it can be life-changing when it does. Besides, you will be left with a lifelong disability that can impact your mobility, mental and emotional health, as well as your ability to work.

There are two ways in which a car accident can result in amputation. First, a car accident might cause a traumatic amputation. This happens when too much force causes an arm or limb to be aggressively severed from your body. Conversely, you might undergo an amputation due to an accident injury-related complication days, weeks or months after the wreck.

The following are some common reasons for amputations:

An infection

During a car accident, you might sustain some cuts. When left untreated, these lacerations can become severely infected, damaging the tissues in the affected area. This then might require amputation to avoid life-threatening complications like sepsis.

Deep cuts

Victims might also experience severe lacerations that cut deep into their limbs’ muscles and other soft tissues. These cuts can be deep and damage the tissues to the point that the limb cannot be saved and must be removed.

Vascular problems

Vascular issues entail the capillaries, veins and arteries that transport blood from the heart to other body parts. For example, during a car accident, you might sustain vascular injuries. Consequently, the blood vessels fail to convey blood to the limbs. As a result, the limb’s tissues start to die, and the limb might need to be amputated.

You might be eligible for compensation after an amputation

Suffering an amputation can be emotionally overwhelming. In addition, you may need rehabilitation, medication and prosthetics, which can be expensive. Fortunately, if a negligent driver caused the accident, you can seek compensation for damages.

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