Was your hospital lacking resources?

Was your hospital lacking resources?

Recently, you fell ill and had to take a trip to the hospital. You expected your condition to get better and to soon check out of there. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Your condition was misdiagnosed initially and it ultimately became worse.

There are many different causes of misdiagnosis but one of the common themes is a lack of resources. Outlined below are some notable examples:

A lack of equipment

To diagnose conditions accurately and in a timely manner, there are various steps. Firstly, your doctor will need to assess your symptoms in person. From here, they can run diagnostic tests such as x-rays, CT scans and much more. Nonetheless, a hospital cannot do this if it does not have the equipment or that equipment is faulty.


It takes more than equipment to treat human beings. Personalized care is still vital in the medical field. Unfortunately, many individuals struggle to provide even the basic level of care because there are too many patients to the number of staff. If you find yourself in an understaffed hospital, then your risk of misdiagnosis is much higher.


It is not only quantity that matters in terms of medical staff, but quality. It takes many years to become a doctor and the learning never stops. If you’ve been seen by an undertrained doctor, then you could be at risk of receiving inappropriate treatment.

Medical institutions owe you a duty of care and this should not be breached. If your condition has worsened due to negligence, then you may have a valid medical malpractice claim. Seek some legal guidance to clarify your options

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