Was your doctor distracted?

Was your doctor distracted?

There are some illnesses that the immune system just cannot fend off on its own. If you have come down with such an ailment, or have been seriously injured, then you’re going to need the help of a doctor.

Ideally, the doctor and other members of the medical team will treat you well, come up with an accurate diagnosis and give you the treatment that you need. In most situations, this is exactly what happens.

Nonetheless, doctors can make mistakes, and one of the more common causes of medical errors is doctors becoming distracted. How does this happen and what are the consequences?

Being overworked

Even in the most luxurious medical facilities, it’s unlikely that the doctor will be able to give only you their full attention. All doctors have caseloads to balance, with some being more taxing than others. If your doctor is focused on someone else at the time of treating you, or they mix up your notes because they have become disorganized due to being overworked, then a costly medical error may be the result.

Being overworked for long periods can also go on to impact the overall well-being of the doctor themselves. Long shifts week after week without rest breaks can take their toll on the body and mind. If a doctor is not feeling fresh and rejuvenated when treating you, then they are much more likely to make medical errors.

Even doctors make mistakes from time to time but errors through negligence are a different matter. If you have suffered injuries as a result of medical errors, then you may have a valid malpractice claim. Seek legal guidance to find out more.

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