2 injuries pedestrians disproportionally suffer in wrecks

2 injuries pedestrians disproportionally suffer in wrecks

If you work from home or at least close to home, then you may prefer walking over driving. Even if you do drive most days, this may inspire you to walk on your time off at the weekend. It’s healthy and cost-efficient to get around on foot. That being said, walking doesn’t come without drawbacks.

As a pedestrian, the reality is that you are simply not as well protected as vehicles. Thus, if you get into an incident with one, it is you who is most likely to come off worse. Outlined below are some of the more common injuries that pedestrians are susceptible to.

Severe head trauma

In a car, you have an outer metal shell for protection. Even on a motorcycle or bicycle, users tend to wear helmets. As a pedestrian, it’s most likely that you wear no form of head protection.

This makes it easy to get around, but it means that your head is exposed in the event of an accident. Undoubtedly the most severe type of injury that a pedestrian can face in an accident is head trauma, which can lead to brain injuries that often prove to be life-changing or fatal.

Bone fractures

If you are hit at high speeds as a pedestrian, then it is highly likely that you will at least fracture a bone. The severity of the fracture depends on its location in the body and the scope of the injury.

On top of head fractures, any sort of damage to the spine can be very serious. Even in more favorable scenarios, a fractured bone is likely to limit your mobility and leave you unable to work for weeks or months.

It’s important to follow rules and regulations and ensure that you are always visible. Sadly, this isn’t always enough to stop negligence. If you were injured by an at-fault driver, make sure you look into your legal options.

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