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What recourse serves longshoremen and harbor workers after an injury?

Longshoremen and other harbor workers often put in very long hours. They may have to work late night shifts, on weekends and during holidays because the need for loading and…

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Grill brushes are a restaurant tool that could injure customers

Grilled food has a flavor that no additives can really duplicate. That smoky taste of meat and veggies charred over an open flame can convince people to drive across town…

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The troubling upward trend of distracted drivers

Despite growing awareness of distracted driving and laws trying to prohibit it, distracted driving continues its growth to alarming numbers. While various studies have their own statistics, the average distracted…

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5 kinds of head injuries following a car accident

Cars provide seat belts and airbags so passengers are protected if the vehicle suffers from an accident. However, these protective features can only help so much. People may still suffer…

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4 causes of nighttime accidents

You may be aware of the many car accidents that happen during the day. But, you shouldn’t dismiss the fact that accidents can happen at night. There are often a…

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Was your hospital lacking resources?

Recently, you fell ill and had to take a trip to the hospital. You expected your condition to get better and to soon check out of there. Unfortunately, the opposite…

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