2 back-to-school activities that could injure your child

2 back-to-school activities that could injure your child

Around this time of year, students are filling halls and classrooms, many of whom had a much-needed break. One of the things many parents are looking forward to now that school is back in session is getting some peace and relaxation as someone else looks after their children, but just because their children are on someone else’s watch doesn’t mean they are safe.

Children can get into all sorts of messes and aren’t always aware of the fragility of life. You might get a call while at work or home from a teacher saying your kid was seriously injured. How could a school let your child be injured? Here’s what you should know:

Playground accidents

Playgrounds aren’t like they used to be, with concrete surfaces, hot metal slides, rust and old pipes. Newer playgrounds often have padding, plastic slides and lower playsets – but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

You may find your child has fallen and hit a pole on the way down and injured their head. Children often find new and unique ways to get injured every day – even on the safest playground known to man.

Sports related accidents

Many students pick up some sort of after-school sport or game to eat up their time and make the most of their younger days.

Your child is likely to end up with a bruised knee and scraped elbow playing football or soccer but it may come as a shocker when your kid comes home feeling dizzy after a bad fall. Many professional sports players experience injuries like concussions and head trauma during games – and so can your kid.

If you find your child isn’t feeling well after an injury from school, you may need to reach out for legal help to better know your options.

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